2014 Maserati Levante Price, Specs, Review

2014 Maserati Levante Price, Specs, Review – 2014 Maserati Levante uses the thought of Kubang 2011 which can be posted in Frankfurt. The idea of SUV with Kubang type which is so appealing using its dashing body will enjoy numerous vehicle geeks. The complete body appearance powerful and enormous with its assertive colours. This brand new one will be the hard levels of competition of many SUVs from other producers and indeed which it can get the specific spot in automobile geeks’ coronary heart.

2014 Maserati Levante is in fact motivated its brand from Maserati siblings, By way of Emilia Levante in Bologna. Maserati required the title from her name which can be almost a century ago imagined within the producer which now nonetheless bears their names. It indicates the label of Levante is important therefore we may observe that the modification of name from Kubang into Levante features a process of outstanding someone brand, sort of dedication.

2014 Maserati Levante Specs

2014 Maserati Levante Price

2014 Maserati Levante specs are totally cool. 2014 Maserati Levante has about three varieties of motors that you can pick the best the one which you can rely on. Very first engine is actually a two turbo charged 3. l with V6 engine which sort can generate 410 hp. Then, the 2nd one is a twin turbo billed 3.8 l with V8 engine which can produce approximately 530 hp. Final, for the last engine type, that is a turbo diesel engine which can be only provided in European countries. These three fantastic motors will likely be computerized manufactured in 8 speeds automated transmissions.

2014 Maserati Levante Interior

2014 Maserati Levante Interior

You might have the interesting sense of driving a SUV by using these of high-speed and for doing this new series, the exterior and interior aspects are influenced from the Quattroporte and Ghibli, then for some electronic digital features from 2014 Maserati Levante are inspired from Chrysler and Jeep. Imaginable just how a complete ideal package deal on this new series. A lot of reasons of the reasons you need to buy this new SUV since it is so intrigued and really worth to get your own property are ample for buying this automobile.

2014 Maserati Levante Release Date

2014 Maserati Levante Specs

2014 Maserati Levante release date remains to be unfamiliar but it will likely be launched the year of 2014 beyond doubt.

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